picture-21In these tuff economic times, how does that hamburger you stole from ACDC (the cafeteria) contribute to a chain of events that might result in the loss of some pretty damn good professors? Hmm.  Food–I dare say–for thought.



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4 responses to “POLL #2

  1. uninformed morons...

    you all do realize that acdc is now all-you-can-eat and that have-a-good is retired?
    by thedcsleeper[at]gmail.com

  2. uninformed graduate

    dear “uninformed moron”,
    Why don’t you start a blog about current ACDC goings-on? Until then, assume people who aren’t at Vassar don’t know the day-to-day activities, just the big issues like the ones brought up on this blog. Also, shut up.

    by joeybernsley[at]gmail.com

  3. e

    Though this poll may be a bit silly, you (I suppose indirectly) raise an interesting point, and perhaps one that you should consider. I’m an English major, and a huge Professor Rose fan, but I think maybe we have to accept that Cappy and the deans are just doing their jobs. Vassar has lost a huge percentage of their endowment in the past few months. While it is terrible, something does have to go. Of course I’d like every professor and every class to stay, but quite honestly, I’d rather have a school with adequate money to do things that need to be done, like feed its students and renovate buildings that are falling apart. Yes, I know we come to Vassar for the academics, not the food or buildings, but I think simply having a functioning school is a bit more important.
    If we keep trying to pressure the administration into keeping all professors, things are just going to get ugly and we are going to lose. I have no doubt about that. It is absolutely in the administration’s right to fire professors, and though I would like to think they wouldn’t stoop to pettiness, if they end up having to fire more people down the line for economic reasons, who do you think they’ll look at first? Probably the English department that’s been antagonizing them. Sad, but true.
    P.S. Rumor has it the English department at Drew University in NJ is hiring, FYI. Just saying.

  4. joseph

    Yes, I’m sure Vassar is struggling to feed its students with their lucrative Aramark contract.

    It is absolutely NOT the administration’s right to break 3-year contract agreements that they made with professors one year ago. It is absolutely NOT their right to dismantle a cornerstone of the college’s program that has flourished since long before their tenure.

    Rumor has it that Drew University is accepting applications for transfer students too.

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