This will be a dedicated page for any rumors about the English Dept.

I’d like a single person to be the point person for any such news. Any takers? Current students? Professors?

From Mary Beth Caschetta (caschetta@aol.com) , pass it on…
“It has come to my attention that the Vassar creative writing program is in jeopardy.  Due to budget cuts and a shift away from the creative arts, Vassar’s writing classes, along with several of its talented faculty members, are on the cutting block, which sends a dangerous message that, like every other institution in this country, Vassar abandons its artists when times get tough.”
Mary Beth Caschetta ’88
Caschetta Consulting
Pharmaceutical Advertising & Medical Writing
Precise. Clinical. Abnormally Creative.
(917) 733-5261

2 responses to “ENGLISH

  1. Dronile


    I am actually a current student at Vassar, class of 2011 and I am contributing to the S.A.V.E Creative Writing Blog. I would love to contribute to your blog as well concerning these issues within the English department.

    -Dronile H.

  2. Austin Murphy

    Sorry for the delay, we are both incredibly busy and disconnected from the day-to-day at Vassar. If you’re still interested in writing for the blog, we’d love to have you – I’m sure that being on campus makes you more aware of what’s going on than we are. Let me know.

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