This will be a dedicated page for any rumors about the Music Dept.

I’d like a single person to be the point person for any such news. Takers?

RUMOR: Fernando Rios — Visiting Assistant Professor (Ethnomusicology) is on the Chopping Block.

From a current Music Student–let’s call him ‘Bloom’–at Vassar:
“I am also concerned about the confirmed layoff of Ethnomusicologist Fernando Rios. The department claims that they are going to keep world music classes, but I am suspicious since there will be nobody qualified to teach them: he was, afterall, the only Ethnomusicologist on campus. The notion of having a non-Ethnomusicologist teach “world music” classes is like having a podiatrist practice dentistry. He was hired specifically to counter the Western-centric nature of our music department but now he is the only person being laid off from the department. The notion that western classical music is somehow “more important” here disgusts and concerns me and I am no longer interested in being a music major.”

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