Siding Swindle

An unnamed source spoken to ON VASSAR CAMPUS reports that the Townhouses got NEW ALUMINUM SIDING last summer. Thanks President Cappy! We don’t need a writing program, we need middle American comfort and convenience! We need to grill out on the lawn and get fat and happy and complacent, and be able to sleep at night knowing that that bland color of our castle will be just fine thanks to aluminum siding!!!!!



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2 responses to “Siding Swindle

  1. Smart Person

    It doesn’t take rocket science to note that:

    – The cost of “aluminum siding” is pretty low
    – That not doing regular upkeep on the existing siding runs the risk of doing material damage to the existing buildings (ie., if the existing siding had issues, then NOT doing something might cost far more over the long term – in terms of repairs, etc. – than the cost of putting on the new siding).

    • Austin Murphy

      It doesn’t take rocket science to differentiate a news article from a satirical one.

      of course, if Vassar refuses to teach English properly, I guess I can’t complain about student ignorance.

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