Connecting with the Campus

I’m very pleased to see the enormous amount of people who are reading this blog. Whatever your feelings concerning the cuts to creative writing, thanks for taking the time to hear from some alums who were inspired and moved by the program, and can’t imagine the current and future generations of Vassar students missing out on this experience.

To those who share my concerns, I suggest that we all contact some of our favorite English professors as soon as possible. Tell them what we’ve heard, and offer to help out in any way that we can. This blog is only as valuable as the actions of the people who read it. I hope that we can all find the time in the next few days to re-establish some connections on campus, to personalize a movement that seems almost abstract for those of us who are a few years removed from sweet potato fries at the Retreat, big-screen movies in Rocky, listening for the echo in Noyes circle…

Remember this place?

Remember this place?

Start Drafting Those E-Mails!,

Austin Murphy ’05


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  1. jondotli

    Great idea. BTW. Anyone who wants those emails listed here, you can list it as a comment or if you want, you can register for this blog, and I’ll give you access to create a post.

    by jonathanwli[at]

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