Recently I’ve heard that due to the economic turmoils, Vassar College (Poughskeepsie, NY) will be downsizing its teaching staff. What I’ve heard is this: THAT ALL PROFESSORS WHOSE CONTRACTS ARE UP BY THE END OF THE 2009 ACADEMIC YEAR, WILL BE LAID OFF. That was the rumor until a few hours ago when I received a letter saying the English Department’s Creative Writing program “is in jeopardy.”  Yes, it’s basic economics. Yes, these are hard economic times. Whose to blame? What can be done? Who’s getting the Ax and Why.

So this RUMOR site is to bring the bring the Vassar community back together around this topic. I welcome those (old or young) from other academic institutions to chime in.  Personally I want more information about what’s going on. Who’ll be fired? What programs will be cut? What percentage of Vassar’s endowment has been lost?

I will begin organizing different departmental news., eg. English, History, Philosophy. But until I can spend more time on this, please leave a comments, tell friend, etc.  Anyone who wants to create posts, is free to do that. Just register and I’ll give you Administrative access to write/edit postings.

Like many alums, I’ve received a lot of requests from Vassar’s President, Kathrine Hill, to donate. Like many alums, I haven’t.  That’s my fault. In any case, petitions can be signed, a la the liberal arts solution. But I/we need more info first.

– Jon Li ’05 English and Chinese


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